How much does Mediation cost?

The cost of mediation varies depending upon issues that need to be mediated, and (as mentioned above) the willingness of each party to come to agreements that are equitable for both. Although every situation is unique, on average mediated cases generally cost one-third of the cost of traditionally litigated cases.

Mediation sessions are 1 or 2 hour sessions and clients pay for only the time that they are in mediation sessions with the exception of an additional fee for the written MOI (memorandum of Intent).

There is no retainer fee, and clients do not have to wait for court schedules and excessive back and forth paper work between two attorneys in order to work on decision making.

Getting a divorce requires a financial investment regardless of what process you choose to use. How well you decide to spend your money to get through the process can mean the difference in how much you will ultimately spend. During your consultation, the mediator will go over the specifics of the costs involved in the mediation process. This information will be helpful for you in comparing those costs to that of litigation and deciding on what process is most cost effective for you.


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